Why are fruits important for the body?

• Fruits stimulate the five senses.

 • Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals which prevent several diseases.

• People suffer a lot of chronic (NCDs) diseases due to low consumption of fruits and vegetables. 

• They are the primary sources of antioxidants in our dieto Antioxidants prevent premature aging, arteriosclerosis, cancer and other diseases.

• Fruits contain phyto-chemicals which prevent cancer.

• Some fruits also have some special effects on the body. Examples of such include:

• Melon, watermelon, garden egg [eggplant (known as igba in Yoruba)]: facilitatethe elimination of wastes and blood impurities such as uric acid from the body. 

• Coconut (very rich in magnesium, calcium and phosphorus) and oranges, are good for mineral restoration

• Avocado (Pear) reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides (i.e unwanted fats) in the body.

• Oranges, other citrus fruits like tangerines, grapes have antioxidants which prevent premature aging, arteriosclerosis and other diseases. 

• Oranges, lemons, grapes, tomatoes have phyto-chemicals which retard or stop the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

 • Pineapple, pawpaw, and okro aid digestion

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