How long should vegetables be cooked?

• Vegetables are better eaten raw, therefore you should avoid cooking the ones that can be eaten raw.

 • For those that need to be cooked, they are best when steamed for about 5 minutes. Light and heat degrade the vitamins while minerals and their salts are dissolved in water and are removed in the cooking liquid. The following is a guide to cooking vegetables in water:

• Use as little water as possible when cooking

• Place vegetables into boiling water rather than into water while it is being heated

• Cook as little as possible

• Do not leave in water after they are cooked

• Save the water used for cooking them and use it rather than throwing it away.

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  1. This is why soups are great for conserving veg vits. My own soup is made from broccoli leaves (which so many people throw away) just heated enough with a little water to soften them then I add my secret ingredients to make it taste awesome. Some olive oil to the mix then I add spinach and liquidize them. So nutritious and tasty too 🙂

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