Touching God’s glory is dangerous, run from it!

Did you ever wonder why God did not kill Herod when he killed James? That would have appeared as the greatest offence any man can commit. An offence that most human beings would recognize as grave. I expected that something strange would happen and he would die suddenly; rather, he went ahead and arrested Peter. Peter was not rescued until the people of God prayed. This got me thinking.

I suppose God did not punish Herod immediately because he has authority to act as a King in his earthly jurisdiction and God expected His children to also act as kings destroying Herod’s plans in their own spiritual jurisdiction with their spiritual authority.

God is never harassed by the devil’s schemes; he just cancels them or hijacks them to fulfil his own purpose. He expects his children to act likewise.

Even though God would have been displeased with Herod’s actions, notice that he did not violate any rule. He waited until Herod went beyond his boundary and did something against him directly. Herod took His glory!  The people of Sidon praised Herod and called his voice that of a god and not a man. There is no account of Herod saying or doing anything concerning the people’s action but because he did not return the gory to God, an angel of God struck him and he was eaten by worms and died.

Does this tell you how serious it is to give God glory for what he has done in your life either for you or through you? 

God is very particular about his glory. He doesn’t want to share it with anyone. Any time you take his glory, you are setting yourself against God.

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