Don’t be too quick to judge prophecies

A prophecy is a prediction of what would happen in the future. It can be given by someone who has the ministry gift and occupies the position of a prophet or any Christian who has the gift of prophecy.

The fact that a Christian, pastor, or prophet perceives something and it doesn’t happen doesn’t automatically make the person a false prophet. God can reveal something that is meant to happen in the future but if a (some) Christian (s) prays about it, God can change his mind or the event. God is sovereign and can change events as answers to the prayers of his children.

The prophet Isaiah gave Hezekiah a word from God that He would die but a few minutes later, after Hezekiah had prayed against the prophecy, God sent Isaiah back to inform him that he had added 15 years to his age. (2 Kings 20:1-6)

In Acts 27, Paul advised the crew of the ship taking him and several others to Italy not to sail further on getting to Fair Havens, near the city of Lasea after a lot of difficulties; having perceived that they will lose their cargo, ship, and lives in the voyage. The centurion taking them to Italy paid more attention to the captain and the owner of the ship than to what Paul said and they continued the voyage. The storm was so bad that all hope that they would be saved was gone but an angel appeared to Paul while praying to assure him that they would only lose the cargo and the ship. The same Paul who had said they would lose their lives had to convey the message that they would be saved.

On the other hand, if something good is meant to happen to a Christian who refuses to pray about it, it may not happen to him. God’s plan will still come to pass but he may use another person to fulfill it.

Avoid criticizing people, pastors, or prophets over prophecies.
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