Do you value your birthright?

Now Jacob cooked a stew; and Esau came in from the field, and he was weary.

And Esau said to Jacob, “Please feed me with that same red stew, for I am weary.” Therefore, his name was called Edom. But Jacob said, “Sell me your birthright as of this day. And Esau said, “Look, I am about to die; so, what is this birthright to me?”

Then Jacob said, “Swear to me as of this day.” So, he swore to him, and sold his birthright to Jacob. And Jacob gave Esau bread and stew of lentils; then he ate and drank, arose, and went his way. Thus, Esau despised his birthright. (Gen 25:29-34)

Lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright. (Heb 12:16)

Esau didn’t know the value of the position he occupied as the first child of Isaac, the son of Abraham; therefore, he lost it to ordinary food within a few minutes. We believers also occupy very important position that can easily be lost because of ephemeral things. Be careful not to despise the great inheritance you have in Christ Jesus. It may look as if nothing is happening in your life now but great treasures are there and will manifest soon if you continue in Christ and His words.

Who told Esau that he was about to die? Has hunger killed anyone within a day? Satan must have magnified his need and used it to cover his mind and face such that he was blind to the purpose of God and the privileged position he occupied. We may consider Esau foolish or profane as the Bible described in Heb 12:16 but ask yourself whether you are closer to Esau or Jacob? I always ask myself that question periodically. The way you are living your life now, are you closer to Jacob or Esau?

Since Esau was Isaac’s firstborn son, he had the birthright; in this case, the blessings God gave Abraham and Isaac which included inheriting the land of Canaan and birthing the Messiah of the whole world. Sadly, Esau sold his birthright and gave up these great blessings which extend into eternity!

If Jacob was not hungry, he might not have prepared the pottage but he despised his hunger, and exchanged his food for an eternal blessing. You will always have needs but don’t allow them to be your focus. Use whatever resources available to you now to negotiate a greater level in God and spiritual things. Spend your money to attend spiritual programs/seminars, buy tapes, books and invest in other resources that will help you to know God better and fulfill your purpose.  

The devil always makes challenges come our way so that we can focus on them instead of focusing on God and our life assignment. Esau did not know the value of the birthright and allowed his need to mislead him while Jacob understood the implication of being the carrier of the covenant relationship with God and embraced it. Remember the two of them were hungry.

Do you hustle around trying to increase ephemeral things that would perish with this world at the expense of your relationship with God and life assignment or you are calm, taking time to meditate on God’s words and following his direction? Do you despise the privileged position and ministry God has given you; envying those who have more material wealth or you desire spiritual things?

What is your price? Can food, money or acquisition of property make you despise your inheritance in Christ and shift you away from the privileged position you occupy? Pray for enlightenment on who you are, the position you occupy, and your future so that you will not have bitter regret like Esau in the future.

This message does not mean that you should be lazy, loitering around without working, living on other people, and claiming to love God more than money. Remember that the Bible says …. If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat. (2 Thessalonians 3:10) You should not spend the money you don’t earn.

God expects you to work hard even as you condition your heart to love spiritual things more than this world. In fact, I believe that when you are truly spiritual, God will lead you into projects, jobs, contracts that will require you to work and thereby walk in the path that drops honey. God cannot be mocked; He watches our hearts and will reward us according to our true nature. Remain blessed!

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