Is it Safe to Eat Eggs as an Adult?

Yes,it is safe for an adult to eat eggs; however they should be eaten in moderation (2 eggs per week) because of their animal origin and their high concentration of nutrients.

Eggs are sodium rich and poor in potassium, however it is advised to be consumed with prudence or avoided in case of hypertension or heart disease.

It is important to note that egg can elevates cholesterol if consumed frequently because each egg contains 250 mg of cholesterol which is close to the 300mg Recommended Daily Allowance. Moderate consumption of 2-3 eggs a week however does not raise blood cholesterol level appreciably as was once thought. In fact, saturated fat from food such as meat raises blood levels of cholesterol more than the cholesterol consumed directly from food.

Further, habitual consumption of eggs promotes arteriosclerosis (clogging of arteries with deposits of cholesterol) and deterioration of arteries. Those at risk of arteriosclerosis and other heart disease because of high cholesterol levels or other causes should avoid eating eggs or discard the yolk of the egg.
Eggs, especially when they are mixed with oil (fried eggs, mayonnaise, etc.), are particularly indigestible for those suffering from gallbladder disorders.

In conclusion, eating eggs is safe however in moderate proportions.

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