Fruit types and their nutritional benefits

It’s better to eat a wide range of fruits since many fruits have peculiar characteristics and functions which distinguish them from others. Here are some other examples of fruits and their peculiarities apart from the ones mentioned above:o Mango: contains a lot of pro-vitamin A which help the eye to function well.

 o Oranges: contains a lot Vitamin C which boosts the immune system and it is very rich in calcium which is responsible for construction, formation and maintenance of bone and teeth.

o Pawpaw: very rich in protein (5%). It’s good for dessert with other fruit or juice.

 A slice of pawpaw 

o Banana: rich in potassium, excellent for heart disorders.

o Plantain: high levels of starch and potassium. Note that unlike most fruits, it must be cooked before eating.

o Guava: rich in vitamin C. The amount that can be obtained from one guava ismore than that of three oranges. It’s highly recommended for hypertension and high blood cholesterol.

o Pear: combats hypertension and promotes kidney function.

o Apple: reduces cholesterol and combats arteriosclerosis.

o Lime: is ideal for refreshing beverages. Can also be used for salads. o Lemon: detoxifies, combats infection, acts as anti-carcinogen.

o Lime and lemon: provide essential oils, vitamin C and flavonoids for the body.

o Grape: protects the heart, improves blood flow.

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