Focus on your most important assignment

Your most important assignment

As a minister of the gospel, the most important aspect of your assignment are standing before God to pray for the people and teaching them God’s laws and ways. Jethro pointed Moses attention to this and the Apostles also emphasized it in Acts 6.

As the people multiplied, administrative issues, solving personal problems came into the ministry of Moses and the Apostles. According to the two passages, the most important business of the Spiritual leader is to take the people to the presence of God in prayers and to teach them the word of God. The words/law of God should be written on their hearts so that they could judge many situations for themselves without coming to the leader.

Don’t ever allow the devil to deceive you to pay more attention to visitation, attending church member’s events and individual counselling. Any method that makes you stay more with people than God more is not God’s method of ministry.

The solution to being distracted from these important roles is delegation. Teach the people you are leading that your continued relevance depends on how much time you spend in God’s presence and their freedom depends on how much of God’s words they know; not the time spent with you in counseling.

Delegate spirit-filled, honest, and able men among the people to do what they are able to do. Learn to involve people rather than doing it all by yourself. The most important aspect that no one can do for you is staying in God’s presence to represent the people.

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