Don’t behave like Lot and avoid ending like him

Lot’s father had died and Abraham did not have a child. Apparently, Abraham regarded him as His son, brought him up and took him along on his journey to the promised land despite the inconvenience. However, Lot did not regard Abraham as his father, otherwise, he shouldn’t have allowed his herdsmen to be quarrelling with his father’s herdmen. He shouldn’t have chosen his portion of the land without his father’s advice.

He probably thought he was smarter by choosing what seemed better to him but he was a foolish person. He should have observed that God was interested in Abraham and maintained his relationship with him to know God better.

Eventually, the land he chose was destroyed by God and he lost his wife and all his possessions that mattered to him more than his relationship with Abraham.

Don’t be a foolish person like Lot, quarrelling with people who raised you or who matter in your future. Don’t miss the opportunity to move faster in your spiritual journey (by standing on the shoulders of fathers and mothers) because of pride and foolishness.

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